Monday, March 28, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa(pre-movie expectation Vs post-movie experience)

Pre-movie expectation

This movie have been hyped all around the places.This movie said to be the most expensive local production at a cost of RM13.6 Million.From the trailer that we watch,its so awesome and not really bad. Seriously we can’t wait for this movie,it shows that malaysian player one step further in this industry . Well we bet this movie will make the Impak Maksima movie look like ‘tadika director’(haha).Hope we won’t be disappointed!

Post-movie experience

After we have been watching this movie, it really worth it and it turned out not to bad. Though we was expecting more as we watched the trailers which seems to be promising, but we glad that Malaysia is be able to come out with a movie like this. Though the budget is low (very low if compare with major international action movies) & local produced, but the standard is on par with some international movies. At least, we see KRU is serious & put in lot of effort in producing this movie. Awesome and we see improvement. We hope KRU still learning due some of music score doesn’t match the scene. The Malaysia’s best epic film! 2 thumb’s up! go watch the movie dude! it’s really worth!WUHUU

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